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Nabin K Bhattarai - Aankha Ma Timilai
Song Aankha ma Timilai by Nabin K Bhattarai. I just love this song.. What a track! Don't worry about the pictures just enjoyy this amazing song!
Aakhama Timilai - Nabin K Bhattarai (with Nepali Lyrics)
An all time hit Nepali song. Like and Subscribe for more Nabin K Bhattarai! Jai Nepal. Artist: Nabin K Bhattarai Album: Raharai Raharma No copyright infringe...
Aankha Ma Timilai - Nabin K Bhattarai
Sang for no one rather than myself. 6 July 2012. Townplanning, Pepsiocola, Kathmandu.
Nepali Songs- Nabin K Bhattari- Aakha Ma Timi Lai
Timilai Herne.. By Devika Pradhan
timilai herne yee aakhama dhoko ajhai ..... beautiful nepali modern song by devika pradhan.
Aakha Ma Timi Lai ,..nepali Cover
those golden days in school ,how many of you guys dedicated this song to your gfs on local radio stations .how many of you got engaged and how many of you go...
Nabink Bhattrai - Ankha Ma
the first song by the nabin k bhattrai, please listen and give comment.
Timilai Herne Yi Aankhama Dhoko Ajhai Cha Baaki
तिमीलाई हेर्ने यी आँखामा धोको अझै छ बाँकी ....
Aakha Ma Timilai.mpg
Timilai Herne
by iris.
Aakha Ma Timilai Pauchu ...
A nepali boy singing Nabin K Bhattrai's song "Aakha ma timilai pauchu ma dherai dherai...... The singer is Sabindra Raj Gautam ( Charlie ). He had sung this ...
Udit Narayan Jha [hd] Timilai Dekhera Aankha Tye Chodi Hide Ma-orginal Song
Song : Timilai Dekhera Aankha Tye Chodi Hide Ma Vocal : Udit Narayan Jha Music : Nati Kaji Lyrics :Krishna Prsd.Parajuli Model :Aayan / Pratima Camera : Hari...
Aakha Ma Timilai By Sisir
rum ma basdai jst prctic gardai ..
Aakhama Timilai By Nabin Bhattarai (cover By Yrg)
i love this song very much and this is my second attempt on youtube..video was done on a trip to isle of wight..safe.
Aankha Ma Timilai By Nabin Bhattarai
Aakhama Timi Lai!!!!!!!!! Cover By Sandeep Thapa!!!!!! :) :) :)
Ye Aakhama Timi Chheu Nai Nabhannu La 2 Movie Song
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Aakha Ma Sajauchhu Chhati Ma Lukau Chhu Chahana Chha Timilai Afno Banauchhu..pp
Arjun Lama (cover Song) Aakhama Timilai
Cover Song.
Aakhama Timilai Paw6u Ma Sadai Sadai.mp4
try this.... hope u like a lot...........n plz coment in this email drish_msb@hotmail.com.