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Libby Trying To Get A Drink On Holiday Funny
Brandy X (created With magisto)
Created with Magisto ( Magically turn your everyday videos into beautifully edited movies, perfect for sharing. It's free, quick, and...
Death Of A Loved One i'm Gonna Be With You Once More Comforting Funeral Song
Visit to hear other songs that I have written, or to obtain an MP3 download or a CD recording of this song, a DVD of this video pr...
Katy Baker's Leaving Video!
The Belated Birthday Song (new!) Another Original By Www.libbyallensongs
This cute little song/video is the perfect solution to redeem yourself from a missed birthday! FORWARD AS NEEDED! Visit to hear ot...
Libby Acting Goofy
Trotting On Fudge
Needed a leader coz there was a storm.
Rainbow Bridge Song (comforting Pet Loss Song) New Video! 2013 Www.libbyallensongs
A comforting song written in Memory of special pets who have touched our hearts and enriched our lives. I hope my song and video will bring comfort to all wh...
****no Mirror Make-up Challenge With My Bestie Chloe ****
Invisible Cortex On Slip Slide
By chris who is 6.
New black Friday Shopping Song!! Cute! (an Original By Www.libbyallensongs) 2013
Cute toe tapping song to get you ready for the big event! Feel free to forward my video link to your friends and/or family who love to shop! Visit http://lib...
Pepsi Playing
Counting Stars Singing Xx
All my voice.
Tutorial On The Cup Song
how to do the cup song.
Bullying Out Should Never Do It
this is not real he he he miyah ur dead.
Walking On Topsy
Love the horse.
Me Doing The Cup Song Xx
i love the cup song its amazing.
Singing Xx
The first part is helium but the rest is my voice xx.
Walking On Topsy
My Room At Chrismas
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